Wrought iron Machine Decor series
Arch Building Machine
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Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk Region Russia
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Decor company has been developing and producing wrought iron equipment for many years since 2007. Our equipment is an excellent idea for a small business. It is a great opportunity of combining blacksmith’s work with the use of an anvil and different elements.

Decor series machines – the equipment for wrought iron work, which allows turning standard rolled metal products into artistic wrought iron elements.
We offer you a full line of the machines, which will let you to produce elements from «goose foot», «curls», «volutes», «commas», to rings and arcs, «torsion» and volume «baskets», patterns on steel strips, «helical pipes».
We offer a special line for India and also we will help you to choose correct equipment.

The range of ready-made forged products, created using these elements, is extremely broad: it includes gates and wickets, stair and balcony railing, fences and rail fences, furniture, including garden one, outdoor grills, interior objects, lanterns etc. And producing all these elements is possible with wrought iron machines Decor:

  • Bending machine;
  • Stretching and rolling machine;
  • Roll-bending machine;
  • Metal texturing machine;
  • Profile-iron bending machine.

For permanent steel buildings we provide special new equipment Arka-610. It is a manufacturing factory on wheels, so it is a great opportunity to build permanent buildings (hangars, market places, warehouses, gas stations, food distribution stores) in short terms.